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Our two massage therapists - Ursula Mair and Edith Weydknecht - offer a large variety of different massage treatments:

LADY'S Massage
This, exclusively for LADY'S FIRST developed massage, is a mixture of characteristic techniques of various, also Asian, massages (60 or 90 min./full body).

Classic Massage
The deeply relaxing effects of massage help to tone the skin and remove tension of the muscles. The massage also has a soothing effect on the inner organs, activate the blood-flow and metabolism (60 or 90 min./full body).

Back-Neck Massage
Using the classic massage form for back and neck (30 or 45 min.).

Lomi Lomi Nui - Hawaiian Massage
Is one of the important healing methods in the Hawaiian tradition and today is learnt and practised world wide. By using the hands and lower arms, and with the application of various massage oils, the therapist uses strong and at the same time tender stroking movements on the body to release built-up and blocked energy and provide a feeling of well-being and harmony (60 or 90 min. /full body).

This massage technique originates from India and in Sanskrit, Ayurveda means the science of life and represents one of the oldest known natural healing massage methods. Specific oils are used (soft strokes) to cleanse the body of poisons and to promote youth for body and soul (60 or 90 Min./full body).


30 minutes CHF 70* / CHF 90**
45 minutes CHF 98* / CHF 118**
60 minutes CHF 130* / CHF 150**
90 minutes CHF 185* / CHF 205**

* includes the massage, bathrobe, towel, slippers and a stay of maximum 30 showering-minutes additionally to the massage duration (wellness spa usage is not included).

** includes the massage, bathrobe, towel, slippers, fruit tea and a stay of 3 hours at the spa area.

Cancellation policy

We kindly ask you to cancel your appointment at least 3 hours in advance. Otherwise we are obliged to charge you for the massage.

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